Spirit Quarters Community

Moat House Community Trust

Active residents and community leaders in the Spirit Quarters neighbourhood are involved in a resident-led community trust that has the local neighbourhood at its heart.

Moat House Community Trust will work with residents and local groups to give the local community a strong voice. The Trust has been developing itself over the last three years and is run by a 15 strong board of directors, the majority of which are local residents.

Martin Smith, local resident and Chair of the Trust, said: "People living in these neighbourhoods have got used to being involved and committed to making decisions about their area and it is the role of the Trust to make sure this continues.

"We are very proud of this neighbourhood and want there to be a continued sense of pride in the area and the Trust will act as a vehicle for this."

The Trust has already set up three social enterprises– a community café at Moat House Leisure and Neighbourhood Centre, Purple Patch Communications (a design, communications and PR company) and Moat House Business Centre. It is also in the process of setting up its own consultancy service. Social enterprises are businesses that invest profits back into the local neighbourhood for community activities.

As well as running local businesses, Moat House Community Trust will give residents opportunities to speak up about priorities in their area, help improve local services and continue to promote a positive reputation for the Spirit Quarters area.

Martin is positive about the future: "Moat House Community Trust is well positioned to embrace opportunities through the new Government's Big Society agenda. Myself and local residents believe there is a bright future ahead," said Martin.

To find out more about Moat House Community Trust you can visit the neighbourhood website:

www.your-guide.org or call 024 7662 2964.

Click here to see a short video about the neighbourhood.